Wouldn’t the world be dull without color?

We think so!

Do you live a drab and colorless life?

Is your home colorless?

Have you stopped to notice how color in your

environment impacts moods, emotions or stress levels?

Does color impact your health? You bet!

Healthy foods are colorful, vibrant, living.

Do you know that different color pigments in food

contain different nutrients that support different body systems?

That’s pretty cool!

This workbook invites you to start practicing Baby Step skills that add color and vibrancy to your day:

Look for ways to add yellow to bring joy while boosting digestion. 

  • Acid reflux, constipation, belly bloat

Do you know orange inspires creativity and helps the reproductive system? 

  • PMS, infertility

Add blue/purple foods to boost brain health. 

  • Can’t remember where your keys are, brain fog, anxiety

Add green to increase feelings of serenity and calm while nourishing your heart. 

  • Blood pressure, cholesterol

Support immunity with the passionate, powerful color red. 

  • Colds, flu, viral infections 

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There’s much more to learn about color than you'll learn in this workbook. 

This is a Baby Step skills approach to introducing color into your life.

To learn more about the power of color, please

attend our next free 5 Day Color Challenge.

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